Slf.Cs.Web Framework :: Framework Configuration Error
The Slf.Cs.Web framework is not configured correctly.

Some error occurred during the application or session initialization of the Slf.Cs.Web framework.

This web application cannot continue normal operation, and has been halted.

To see the error message, potentially with detailed instructions on how to correct this issue, you must either run the web application with administrator rights, or run it in debug mode in the development environment.

Due to security considerations, no further information is provided at this point.

This is an administrator alert sent from the Slf.Cs.Web framework. The intended page has been interrupted and this one shown instead. This is normal during first use of a new web application, and is meant for an administrator to get guidance on installing and setting up a database connection properly and initially populating the database with schemas and tables needed for the Slf.Cs Framework.

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